Sustainability Report 2022

Relations with local communities

For PSC, building positive relationships with the communities of the territories where its factories are located is of fundamental importance.
In order to promptly intercept the requests of the local community, specific initiatives are active, including that of the Brazilian plants, which have established a formal procedure to improve dialogue with the territory that hosts them and the management of complaints. Furthermore, the factories of the Brazilian business unit have an action plan on the subject, based on a mapping of the interested parties, which it is periodically monitored by management.
PSC is strongly committed to monitoring and managing the environmental impact of its operations. In this context, regular monitoring is carried out in all Italian and European plants to assess the noise level generated by production activities outside the company environment. This monitoring is aimed at verifying compliance with the limits set by the acoustic zoning and taking any corrective measures.
As for the social sector, since 2015 PSC has been collaborating with the Community in Dialogue of Trivigliano (Frosinone), active in the recovery of people who have had a history of drug and alcohol addiction. In particular, Prima Components Anagni plant is involved in a project that has allowed six new human resources from the community to be included in the plant’s staff in recent years.

Prima Components Paliano plant has joined the Guaranteed Mobility project coordinated by the municipality of Paliano, with the aim of ensuring better mobility for the weakest in the community, disadvantaged people, the disabled and the elderly.
The Group’s commitment to the communities that host its production sites also takes shape in other sectors. In particular, all the factories of the Sole business unit are engaged in local sponsorships in the fields of education, culture and sport. One example is Sole Suzzara, who has committed to sponsoring the local football team.
PSC’s main shareholders are involved in “Frosinone Calcio” (Frosinone Football team)’s activities. Since October 2017, this football club has had a sports facility, named after the founder of the PSC group, Benito Stirpe, at its disposal, at the international avant-garde in terms of aesthetics and construction standards. The facility can accommodate 16,310 spectators and together with the Cittadella dello Sport, and future expansion projects for musical events, it is totally for the benefit of the community.
In 2019 the Foundation of Technical Institute Superior (Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore Meccatronico) in Latium region was founded in Frosinone, of which PSC is one of the founding members. Such initiative was born from the need of some enterprises in the south region of this territoty to strengthen technical-specialist training in the mechanical and mechatronic field and to develop skills strictly related to their professional research. The wealth of skills that in this way are formed on the territory represents an opportunity to develop the competitiveness of this specific area, which in the case of the “Frusinate” (province of Frosinone) has a strong manufacturing vocation; there is, therefore, a strong need for adequately trained human capital capable of responding to rapid technological and digital changes. In particular, the automotive, aerospace and electrical, as well as the field of electronic components, require increasingly qualified professionals with specific and advanced skills for the management and maintenance of complex and connected mechatronic systems.
ITS Meccatronico of Lazio Foundation aims to be close to technicalscientific school training, in order to integrate and improve technicalpractical preparation of newly graduates, both through further theoretical and technical insights, either by carrying out several hours of work placements, so as to acquire and/or improve practical skills.

The primary recipients of the Foundation’s activities are, therefore, young people, in the interest of their professional and occupational growth in the area. The training course - spanning two years in which 1800 hours of courses are planned, 700 of internship, and a final state examination - is articulated on two curricula designed in collaboration with the reference companies of the territory, in order to meet the actual employment needs in the manufacturing field.

  • Skilled Technician for process and mechanical product innovation
  • Skilled Technician for automation and mechatronic systems

In 2022, the second cycle of the Higher Technical course for the innovation of mechanical processes and products was completed with the state exam which awarded the relative diploma to 23 boys and girls. This was followed by a placement process with the companies that are part of the Foundation and other partner realities: after carrying out specific interviews, all the students were hired by the companies; in particular, PSC welcomed 1 graduate who is doing an apprenticeship in several company areas.

The ITS foundation has expanded with the participation of around 50 companies from the Lazio provinces (mainly Frosinone and Latina) and for the school year 2022-2023, the Frosinone branch has been joined by the LT branch, so that by the end of the two-year period 50 students will have graduated.

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