Start up in 1973

The story of the Prima Spa dates back to 1973, with the production start-up of accessories for furniture.


After a period of industrial reconversion, it started the production of foamed components for the automotive, aeronautic and rail industries. The main customers at the time were: Valeo, Alitalia and FFSS (Italian Railways).

First supply contract with Fiat - 1987

"Prima" got the first supply contract by the company Fiat Auto regarding plastic components for car exterior.

Paint spraying - 1989

"Prima" created its design and industrialization centre (S & T Engineering Ltd former Quality Cad Ltd) and other partners with a company for the paint spraying of plastics (Prima I.Ver).

Cabling - 1991

The company ‘Prima Cablaggi’ was founded with the aim of serving the cabling market for the automotive industry. The reference customer is Cavis.


Prima created a new company (Prima Eastern) in Torino di Sangro (I-CH) involved in the production of plastic components for the companies Sevel di Atessa and Magneti Marelli from San Salvo.

Diversification 1993

Prima diversified its customers in the automotive industry starting to serve General Motors, Saab, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Johnson Controls.


Prima increased the investments in the car cabling industry, the company SAPCA was created in Modugno (BA) in order to support the firm Cavisud Melfi (I-PZ).

Motorcycle industry - 1996

Prima decided to diversify customers and, through spin-off, Piaggio was replaced within Metalplastic, a company specialised in the production of plastic components and plastic paint spraying in the motorcycle industry.

In the same year Prima still invested in the field of paint spraying, through the acquisition of the company Tecnoproduct (becoming Tecnoprima) in Sezze (I-LT), meantime it left behind the cabling industry, selling the companies prima Cablaggi and Sapca.

Appliances & Die casting - 1999

Prima proceeded with a diversification of end markets, both entering the appliances industry through the creation of P.A.D plant for the Merloni Elettrodomestici (appliances) and acquiring the company Almec in Nusco (I-AV), operating in the Die casting-Aluminium industry, which counted among its main customers Getrag, Fiat, General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen.

First foreign plant - Whirlpool - 2000

Prima’s first foreign plant was established following a long-term supply agreement with Whirlpool Europe, with the setting up of Prima France sas. Since 2005 ‘Prima France' has also worked in the automotive industry, in the production of components for the Renault plant in Rosny.


In order to increase the penetration in the German market, Prima took over the society Eripress in Cicerale (I-SA) from Johnson Controls. The taking over of the company called for a multi-year contract for the supply of plastic products for General Motors and Daimler.

In order to consolidate its position in the motorcycle industry, Prima took over the company Shandrani Italia (now I.Ver.Plast.) from Aprilia.

Through its subsidiary Almec, Prima invested in the die casting industry, first in South Africa (Bel-Mec Pty Ltd) and subsequently Rifometal, a company operating in the production of aluminium.

Internationalization - 2003

Prima reduces its production capacity of paint spraying in Italy through the transfer of Prima I.Ver' to its historical partner and invested in the European market by creating two new production branches in Germany (Prima Germany GmbH) and in Slovakia (Prima Poprad sro ). Both companies began working in the industry of appliances. Since 2006 Prima Poprad has also operated in the automotive industry with Volkswagen, Fiat Polonia, Ford, Magna and Ferrari.

Collins & Aikman - 2006

Prima acquired Collins & Aikman Italy Ltd, supplier of the Fiat Group, which operates through four production plants: Cassino, San Benigno Canavese, Ferentino and Anagni. In 2008, Fiat takes back the two production plants of Cassino and San Benigno Canavese, through the company Magneti Marelli. The two remaining production plants became independent companies: An.Plast. Ltd. and Fe. Plast. Ltd.


Prima decided to leave the die casting industry, selling Almec Spa.


In March 2010, Prima acquired Plastal Italia (then named Sole S.P.A.), a company made up of the plants of Oderzo, Suzzara, Ulm (D) and Woeth (D) completing the first phase of its internationalization process.

Prima acquired minority shareholdings in the following fields:


The process of internal reorganisation was concluded and it brought to the full integration of the operational structures of Prima Spa and Sole Spa. Prima Sole Components spa was established.


The PSMM company was born. It is involved in the production of plastic components for the automotive industry based in Gojana in the state of Pernabuco, held in equal shares by Prima Sole Components and Magneti Marelli firms.