Sustainability Report 2022

The Environment

The changes affecting the climate and the environment cannot leave us indifferent and everyone belonging to our society is called to give a contribution, in order to counteract the negative effects. Being aware of this, in the interest of limiting the impact of its activities, PSC cares for it with the same passion we have for our products and with the same attention we have for our customers’ requests. PSC is constantly committed to technological systems application and operations which, not only meet legal obligation and pollution reduction, but also aims at environmental efficiency improvement.

PSC protects its resources and works in compliance with all applicable regulations. The ISO 14001 certified PSC plants evaluate the environmental impacts of their work, implementing all the necessary activities to reduce them; this type of assessment also affects the design phase of each new product thanks to the FMEA method.

It is significant to point out that the Group is strengthening some of the company’s instruments, including the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases, and the assessment of risks, which are not limited to existing ones, but they also include potential ones. These procedures, graphically represented in the following image, can also be extended to environmental assessments and operate in accordance with the precautionary principle. Also considering the risks for which it is not possible to carry out a scientific assessment.

In addition to these analyses, there are also assessments of the potential impacts of components produced by PSC throughout the entire life cycle (Life Cycle Assessment, LCA): Sole Oderzo has developed an LCA study applied to one of its strategic products in 2022, and at Group level, the implementation of processes and tools is being evaluated to allow all plants to systematically calculate the environmental profile of their products. These analyses will help direct ecodesign activities and identify the steps and processes that generate the greatest impact on the environment and climate, to focus reduction initiatives where it is a priority.

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Sustainability Report