Sustainability Report 2022

Equal opportunities and diversity

PSC is constantly committed to avoiding any form of discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, health status, ethnicity, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs.

In the Group’s code of ethics, the importance of ethical and social responsibility is recognized in carrying out business activities. In this regard, PSC undertakes to respect the legitimate interests of its stakeholders.

The Group companies operate in terms of diversity. This is what customers expect and it is of vital importance for business success. It is only by evaluating diversity and by engaging equal opportunities that PSC will be able to completely exploit available human and business resources.

Although it should be pointed out that for some of the productive activities which characterize them in the labor market there is a greater availability of male resources, PSC is committed to providing equal opportunities in all its recruitment and employment activities. The following tables show details of human resources at the different company levels, separated by gender and age.

* Protected class and disabled people

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