Sustainability Report 2019


In order to define PSC material themes, the definition of stakeholders’ expectations and points of view represent a fundamental step.
This operation took shape thanks to the stakeholder engagement, which was divided into three different phases:

  • Identification of types of stakeholders: this process has joined the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES) 2015 and has led to the identification of the categories listed in the table below, each accompanied by its related description.
Stakeholder Definition
Worker Employees working for or on behalf of PSC, including its representatives (e.g. trade unions)
Supplier Provider of products or services to PSC
Customer Customers of PSC products
Investor Who holds shares within PSC
Society and local communities The social context in which PSC sites are located. It can influence its activities
Institutions The set of institutions that can influence the PSC activities (e.g. Region, Province or Municipality in which PSC sites are located)
NGO and Associations Non-profit associations and private organizations operating in areas that influence PSC activities (e.g. environmental associations or sector associations)
Media and press International, national and local media (e.g. television, press, radio and web) which PSC can use to communicate its initiatives
  • Definition of engagement methods and implementation: in 2019 three categories of stakeholders were directly involved: PSC suppliers by giving them a questionnaire regarding their approach to sustainability; Human Resources of the company by giving them an information brochure on the sustainability approach of PSC; Business Unit Directors by showing them, during a webinar, the path taken for drawing up the Sustainability Report. For other categories of stakeholders, indirect ways of engagement were used; the documentation needed was therefore selected and analyzed, in order to build up different opinions and requests on material themes.
  • ·Identification of significant themes for stakeholders.

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