Sustainability Report 2019

Who We Are


Identity and vision

Prima Sole Components (PSC- Stock Company)is a Group which has been operating since 1973 in the field of automotive plastic components, motor vehicles and household appliances. It designs, manufactures and sells innovative and sustainable products whose goal is to live up to its customers expectations on a regular basis. An ambitious goal, pursued thanks to a long-term and flexible partnership, where competitiveness, quality and service achieve high standards, alongside staff work daily operating with motivation and efficiency and constant research of innovative and integrated solutions. PSC aims to emerge in the Italian and International market as a global actor in its operating field. Europe, Brazil, United States of America and Far East: these are the countries in which PSC is particularly reinforcing its leadership in the market of plastic components, where success is determined by three main factors:

- Competitiveness; - Innovation; - Globalization.

In order to become partners of the most prestigious customers, it is fundamental to reach turnover thresholds. For this reason, as well as to improve the highest degree of competitiveness, PSC is introducing its first COBOTS in the productive process. These are collaborative robots representing industry 4.0, along with studying different applications of a world which has increased remote connections through technological Champions.


PSC aims to extend the well-being it generates through its activities in the territory in which it operates. It is the Group’s intention to strengthen the relationship of trust with all stakeholders and to pursue the objectives by harmonizing all members’ interests, in compliance with the provisions of law and the principles of impartiality, reliability, loyalty, fairness and transparency.

The PSC Group aims at a business concept of prosperity interconnected with the territory in which it operates. The PSC mission is characterized by three aspects that are inseparably related to each other:

  • Economic. The management of the Group is characterized by the creation of value for shareholders in compliance with rigorous economic and financial sustainability parameters.
  • Productive and Market. PSC designs, manufactures and promotes innovative and technologically advanced products that fully meet our customer’s needs.
  • Social. The PSC Group is aware of the centrality of its social role towards the internal and external community, whether it local, national or international. For this reason, it is committed to the establishment of innovative paths aimed at improving all the Group stakeholders’ quality of life, with utmost respect for the surrounding external environment.


The group takes the utmost account of the following corporate values, which take shape within its staff’s behavior, working both individually and collectively:

  • Always act with honesty and moral integrity
  • Being critical with yourself and questioning how to improve yourself
  • Be respectful towards the organization, highlighting meritocracy
  • Focus on growth and its long-term sustainability
  • Pay attention to safety and the environment
  • Be respectful towards customers

The annual publication of the Sustainability Report contributes to spread the above-mentioned values.
PSC working practices are based on the most up-to-date regulations, both national and international. Respect for the person is fundamental as well. For this reason, in the Ethical Code – which is currently being revised following the Group reorganization –the support and respect for human rights are clear, in accordance with the UN’s Universal Declaration.

The organizational and management model, pursuant to Legislative Decree 231, was planned in 2014 and currently it is being reviewed and implemented, according to the reorganization of the Group occurred over the years. In both documents the introduction of new contents, developed on the basis of the process through a better sustainability undertaken by the group, is present. Such model shall be finally introduced in 2020.

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